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A central archive for all Spectrum and SAM games hints, tips, cheats, maps, hacks and pokes.
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The Tipshop Needs You!
The Tipshop Needs You!

HAYLP! games help request section
Stuck in a game? Don't worry - you're not the only one.

If you have a games problem, this is the section for you.
Erm, it's also the section if you think you can help the people who are stuck..

Picture this... near a computer far, far away...
        He walks into his study after a long day at work and slumps in front of his computer. "I fancy playing a decent game tonight," he says, loading up his Spectrum emulator. "I really want to play Robocop, but I can't get past the first stage! Surely there's a place that I can get some help on this game? It's just too hard!"
        Fear not, citizen! On another computer, not so far away (we mean this computer, you dolt) a website has been put together by Gerard Sweeney and Nick Humphries called... dan-dan-dannnnnnnnnn!!! The Tipshop!
        The Tipshop aims to be the site for hints, tips, maps, cheats, hacks, pokes - anything that will help you play Spectrum and SAM games. Although only recently launched, it already has thousands of entries that will help many gameplayers in their quest to finish a lot of classic games.
        Simply use the index or the search engine above to find any helpful assistance for the game that you're having difficulty with. And, if you can't find any help for your game, keep coming back! We're adding more and more information all the time.

You can also send us an email to be notified whenever we update the page. This list will absolutely, positively never be used for any other purpose.

If you have any help for any game that isn't already on this website, "Send us a tip!" and we'll put it in.

Feel free to e-mail us with any comments you might have.

If you want to know who did what, view the Credits page. A lot of people put in a lot of time for this website - this is where we thank them.

The Tipshop

Search The Tipshop

Search The Tipshop

Here are some link icons - we encourage you to link to our site and search engine from your own website - after all, that's part of the reason why we put this together, so people can link directly to the tips pages for specific games. To link to tips for, say, Chase HQ, use the URL:

You can also search for a specific type of hint by adding ;searchtype= and either cheat (cheat modes), bug (Game Bugs), map (Maps), poke (Multiface POKEs), tip (Tips), hack (Type-in hacks), partsol (Partial solutions) or sol (Complete solutions). If you don't include this extra parameter, it will search for all types of hint for the game you specify.

To use Chase HQ again:,;searchtype=poke will look for all Multiface POKEs for Chase HQ
while;searchtype=cheat will look for all cheat modes for Chase HQ

28/07/05 - You can now specify to search for the EXACT string, useful for searching for common game names. An example would be, which would only search for "Dizzy", rather than finding every single title with the word "Dizzy" in it. You should also use this option if your game name is less than three characters long, such as "Z".

You can also now specify whether to search through the (extensive!) alias list. The default has this switched off, but if you can't find any tips for a particular game, try switching this option on - perhaps the game is actually called something else entirely. For example, searching for "Bugaboo" wouldn't find any matches, because that's its re-release title. So, will bring up the results for La Pulga.

You can, of course, combine all of these switches to refine your search even further. Such as only searching for POKEs for Dizzy ( Try it!

Brought to you courtesy of Gerard Sweeney and Nick Humphries,
with the invaluable assistance of:

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Andy Barker's ZX Spectrum pages Classic Adventures Solution Archive Hack Attack III World Of Spectrum

plus various other good eggs.

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