Picture by Fuzzbucket

My Fellow SpecChums.....

We find ourselves faced with a deadly enemy. An enemy which will see us deprived of food, sleep, and contact with our fellow man (and woman. Ed).

This enemy has a name - games.

These fiends arrive from many shores, with some of the most formidable arriving from Spain.

We must rally our forces, SpecChums. We must pool our resources. We must gather all our strategic knowledge in one central headquarters. This headquarters will be known as The Tipshop.

There we will store all our hints, tips, cheats, maps, hacks and POKEs so that we might defeat this enemy.

This battle cannot be won without your help. We ask that you send us any hints, tips, cheats, maps, hacks or POKEs that we do not already have. No matter how small the submission, so long as it works, it will aid us in the battle.

Search your cupboards. Look through your scribbled notes. Load up your emulators. Send us your tips!