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  • Thursday 29 December 2016
    Merry Xmas, everyone - I hope Santa had something good for you in his bulging sa(ENOUGH! Ed)
  • Saturday 26 November 2016
    It's been a quiet couple of months, tip-wise. Just as well, really, as Real Life has been anything but.
  • Saturday 01 October 2016
    Oops - missed the September deadline - don't tell anyone!!
  • Saturday 27 August 2016
    It's been pretty quiet tip-wise - too many people going off on holidays, or something.
  • Sunday 03 July 2016
    Welcome to the June update. In July (eh? Ed)
  • Monday 30 May 2016
    I slaved through the tropical weather to do this update. Slaved - I tell ya.. Blood, sweat and tears were involved... Well, sweat was (Eurk. Ed)
  • Friday 29 April 2016
    I missed the March update due to Real Life things, so here's a double dunt
  • Sunday 28 February 2016
    More database tidying, so the number of tips doesn't go up since these new ones take up the slots previously used by duplicate/merged entries. Maybe next month?
  • Sunday 31 January 2016
    Happy New Year (bit late? Ed)
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